06:30 Open (Mick) 60 min
10:00  Open (Miya) 75 min 
18:00 Intermediate (Mick) 75 min
19:30 Course 1 Beginners Yoga Basics* (Mick) 90 min
  (*Next Course starts October 28th ENROLMENT ESSENTIAL)


 06:00 Intermediate (Mick) 90 min
10:00 Open (Nicole M.) 75 min
18:00 Open (Miya) 75 min
19:30 Course 2* Beginners (Miya) 75 min





06:30 Shadow Yoga (Tash) 60 min
10:00 Open (Miya) 75 min
18:00 Open (Miya) 75 min

Course 3* Beginners & OPEN CLASS  (Miya) 60 min 




06:00 Intermediate (Mick) 90 min 
10:00 Open (Nicole M.) 75 min

Open (Kaz) 75 min

19:30 Course 2* Beginners (Kaz) 75 min


 06:30 Open (John) 60 min
18:00 Open (Alana) 75 min


08:00 Focus Class (Mick) 120 min
10:00 Course 3 Beginners & OPEN CLASS (Mick) 60 min
14.00 *Kirtan (Sevadevi) 90 min

Open (Tara) 75 min 


*Kirtan is held on the first Saturday of every month.


08:00 Intermediate (Mick) 95 min 
10:00 Course 3 Beginners & OPEN CLASS (Miya) 75 min

Note: Regular students of all classes may attend Course 3 at any time without enrolling in course.

New to yoga?

  • Please come 10-15 mins early to get yourself signed in and set up without disturbing your fellow students.
  • Please wear confortable clothing.
  • For hygiene purposes we reccomend that you BYO mat, however we have mats, blocks, blankets and straps available for use at no extra charge.
  • Please tell your teacher in advance if you are pregnant or suffering from any illnesses or injuries.
  • Have an open mind, see where your yoga practice takes you!


Monthly Unlimited Yoga Pass:
$160 a month, commence at any time
$140 for Students*

75 min & 95 min classes
$28 Casual Drop-In
$24 Students* 

60 min classes
$24 Casual Drop-In     
$21 Students*

Beginners Courses:
Course 1: $130 
Course 2: $145  
Course 3: $160     
(Duration of each course is four weeks) 

Private classes: Price on inquiry

 (*Students must show student cards upon request. 10% Discount on all courses)


Here at the Yoga Factory we try foremost to encourage a regular practice. Over the years we have noticed the one thing that hinders a student’s ability to develop a yoga practice is attendance. Although we have tried to offer many levels of practice, beginners, open, intermediate and advanced, our observations are that if the attendance is inconsistent and irregular the practice will always be a struggle with no steadiness or joy. With practice everything is possible. Please make sure you attend a class suitable to your level so as everyone has a good experience.

Suitable for students who are establishing but have been attending classes regularly, (Students who have completed all 3 beginner courses as well). Classes are taught with articulate instruction and modifications but with an emphasis on linking the movement and breath in synchronicity learning continuity of focus.  

Suitable for students who are familiar with the asana names and are working with minimal instruction and modification or know their modifications. Class has an emphasis on fundamental asana to bring together the components of strength and flexibility. 

Suitable for students who have developed and have been maintaining a regular practice over some time from beginners, open and intermediate levels. Class will include for the first hour a strict vinyasa to establish heat, intention and stillness. For this to happen it is essential the student is familiar with fundamental standing asana, breath count, asana names and minimal instruction. Each month for a 4 weekly cycle in the second hour we will focus on one thing.  Be it strengthening, transitions (half/full vinyasa), backbends, arm balances, inversions and similar. A willingness and sense of desire to explore challenging new asana is essential.


Everyone is welcome to join Sevadevi and bhakti singers and musicians from around Sydney in devotional call and response chanting known as 'Kirtan'. Held on the first Saturday of every month. Entry is by donation with all proceeds going to the Food for Life charity.


Our beginner course has been developed over 10 long years. Our intention through observation over time is that beginners need two very important fundamentals:

1. consistent practice with increasing attendance 2. comprehensive instruction and experienced teacher.

We have both. The common misconception being offered around and bought is that yoga can be taught in 4 or 6 weeks. We beg to differ. The 12 weeks beginner course readily prepares and equips the students with everything they need to be informed and confident to be able to attend classes regularly and practice safely, competently and full of the joy that arises. The course is designed to build slowly from the ground up. The student will move from the static postures of course one and attending once a week; onto course two and attending twice a week where we learn vinyasa and structure a set class for; course three where we attend 3 times a week and practice the same class repetitiously to move away from the physicality of the practice to a more meditative state where we can begin to observe the phenomena of mind and body attachments. Enrolment is essential as is your time. The biggest failure we see with students is their lack of time. Please consider making time as yoga will for a small investment initially give huge returns. Health is paramount. Life is fleeting. One needs a strong body and mind to navigate this crazy world.   

COURSE ONE:  4 week course. The beginner course starts off with attendance once a week. In this course we introduce the students to basic asana fundamentals and breath. The class is very static as we explore different ways to understand alignment and the importance of structure and perceptual accuracy. Class includes standing asana, backbends, forward bends and twists. The once a week attendance is to prepare the student for Course 2, twice a week attendance. 

COURSE TWO:  This course increases our attendance to twice a week. We begin by linking the static postures of course one into a seamless thread of movement and breath synchronicity. Each week over the 8 classes of the 2nd month we structure a set sequence of asana, which we will learn and then do in course three. The class will include all the asana from course one plus headstand and shoulder stand, don’t worry you will be guided at all times and offered very skillful modifications if needed. 

COURSE 3:  The grand finale. Course 3. Having learnt our fundamentals and put them into a set sequence we now put it all together. Attendance is 3 times a week and we do the same class over and over to really understand this whole idea of yoga. The repetition of a set class allows the student with the aid of skillful hands on energetic assists to really deepen the practice and turn our gaze inwards.